Why Weight Loss Surgery is Not the Best Solution

I sympathize with you if you are reading this article, I had always been overweight ever since I started going through puberty, and I remember how terrible it felt being overweight, and I know how difficult it is to lose weight. It takes tons of time, dedication and effort and worse, many times your weight loss will suddenly plateau and will leave you feeling like crap and wondering: “Why the hell did it stop?”. You may be tempted to try weight loss surgery, and I don’t feel like this is a good idea, I’ll tell you the reasons why.

Weight loss is not just a physical improvement, it’s a mental improvement as well. You need to consciously force yourself, plan ahead and resist temptations, that’s what weight loss is all about. Gaining conscientiousness through weight loss is not only a good thing for your body but great for your career and future prospects, and I know you’ll say “I don’t need those things”, yes, but getting them are a good boost to your future.

Second, weight loss is hard but it doesn’t cost too much, protein shakes/bars, mineral and vitamin supplements and even more aggressive supplements (Such as Garcinia Cambogia, if you decide to buy this as a last resort at least read some quality garcinia cambogia reviews before buying) all of these supplements are not that expensive, every month I only spend about 100$ at max for these supplements. Weight loss surgery is expensive and has a number of potential life-threatening impacts, weight loss surgery costs at least 5,000$ and probably more, especially if you are morbidly obese. Even adding an expensive gym membership on top of that doesn’t cost much (only 62$/month for LifeTime)

In conclusion, weight loss surgery does not:

  • Improve mental health

Nor does it:

  • Cost basically nothing

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Why You should Avoid Getting a cheap Tattoo

How would you treat or look after a prized possession? – You will probably guard it jealously and try as much as possible to protect it from any dent. And that is exactly how you should treat your skin. If we would not judge a book by its cover, we can always draw a conclusion on how much care an individual has given to his/her skin by the appearance.

But sometimes you just wish to give a little tweak to your appearance – your skin – by adding more colors through tattooing. Well, to tell you straight up; when going for a tattoo, you should avoid going for a cheap option. Here is why: your skin is too precious, and you do not have to subject it to ‘torture’ all because you want it cheap.

For the sake of emphasis however, getting a tattoo does not end at the studio. Hence, aside from avoiding cheap tattoos; you should not attempt using low-cost/substandard products in maintaining your tattoo. Primitiveoutpost amazing tattoo aftercare products are one of the best range of cosmetics that will help you maintain your tattoo’s design and also keep [and improve] the texture of the skin. The products are made/infused with natural organic substances; this means they are mild on the skin.

What you could get from cheap tattoo

We shall now discuss some of the harmful effects that could result from using cheap tattoo.

  • Skin Irritation/Infection: Here is the first main reason why cheap tattoo should be avoided. You could open yourself up to allergies and a number of skin diseases. Besides, the tendency to reuse needles can make one susceptible to diseases [like hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, etc.] which are quite severe manifestation.
  • Pains: Since the tattooing is not done under standard setting, the likelihood of being subjected to much pain is quite high.
  • Poor Quality: Why go for a tattoo if it’s of inferior quality? You may not like how a cheap tattoo turns out especially when placed side-by-side with one that is first-rate.

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Reliable Guide To Be Financially Prepared For Unplanned Baby

Undoubtedly getting blessed with a baby child is one of the most graceful times in the life of the couple. However, it can be turned into a nightmare as well if not planned. There are hundreds of couple who deal with several problems due to the unplanned baby.

Having a baby is graceful, on flip side getting responsibility of little angel is a big deal. One of the most common problems faced by the couple with an unplanned baby is financially. Hence here we are going to cover – how to financially be planned for an unplanned cute little soul in the womb.

What to do?

Get an idea about expenses – first most steps to be taken is getting the estimate of the expenses; it would help you in getting the idea of money that would be required. You can take help of someone in your friend family who just got blessed with a baby.

Start saving – once you are done with an estimate, start saving money. It would be better to start saving as soon as possible, therefore start doing it right by the time you get to know about pregnancy.

Try adjusting in half income – one of the best ways to increase the savings is to try adjusting within half income. In case you have successfully managed to do it, you would partially be able to save a lot of money.

Cut not so necessary expense – in every family there are some sort of unnecessary expenses, the duty of the person is to identify it and cut them down. http://extracredit.fi will be helping in saving good amount without making any sacrifice.

Bottom line

These are the few simple aspects, under the light of which person can easily save good money for their cute, yet unplanned baby.…

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The Incredible Ways Sex Boosts Your Health

Sex is fun, we all know that. It will also help in bonding relationships with your partner and thus will help in leading a perfect well-shaped lifestyle. But there’s more to sex than just fun and relationships – sex actually makes you healthy. The more sex you have, the more healthy you’ll be, as sex has ways to slow down the process of ageing, helps to heal wounds and also fight diseases. Let’s look at some of the biggest ways by which sex can improve our health.

Advantages Of Having Sex


  • Sex Will Help In Building Your Immunity


As strange it might sound, sex actually helps in making your body more resistant towards various diseases, like stomach problems, cold or even flu. During sex, the aerobic exercise which is done pumps blood and oxygen all throughout the body and help in the manufacture of various antibodies like T3 and T4 lymphocytes, that help in fighting diseases.

  • Sex Makes You Do Exercise


100 to 250 calories are burnt when you do sex for an hour, and if sex is done twice per week, it will help in burning almost 5,000 calories a year. That is huge and more exciting than going to a gym.

  • Sex Keeps Your Heart Healthy


During sex, the heart starts to beat around 130 beats a minute. That is exactly same as walking fast or jogging slowly. If a person can have sex for about 20 minutes for three times a week, that will help in reducing coronary heart disease by almost 50 per cent. Not only that, there will also be lower risks of bowel cancer or cancer in the ovary.

  • Sex Will Decrease Body Pain And Headaches


When you do sex, the body releases oxytocin, which let endorphins release as well, acting as a powerful analgesics and also improving the pain threshold. It will ease depression, anxiety and even headaches as well.

  • Sex Will Improve The Pelvic Muscles


When doing sex your pelvic muscles around your penis or vagina works the most. Sex is like an exercise for those muscles, thus making pelvic muscles much stronger. If you want your pelvic muscles to act more, I would recommend this penis extender from Size Genetics USA, for better satisfaction and results.

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