The Heterosexual HIV Risk Is No Urban Legend

If you thought that HIV is not connected with multiple partners and unsafe sex, think again!

A recent survey indicates that men and women from the urban areas but in the slightly lower rung of the society were extremely prone to the infection keeping in mind that in spite of the best intention they sometimes did get carried away with having unsafe sex.

I have come across stories from semi-educated societies where men and women in that race believe that wearing condoms or practicing contraception decreases the pleasures of full-fledged sexual activities. They were allegedly talked to about the dangers lurking on them if they took to casual sex with workers who provided it with money or as a pleasure but the effect of the talk was lost on them. How unfortunate!

A friend of mine who was also at the university with me tells me of a man and a woman who believed that the contraceptives and the works do not have any great benefits. In fact, sexual pleasure is what needs to be experienced instinctively and without hindrances in the mind about wearing a condom! This put me off so much that I decided to work in this field for my graduation project. And I realized that however strong the society is theoretically but a large pocket of people in them still have a closed mind about sexual practices.

This brings me to my main contention of educating them:

As such, education is only believed to refine. It will take a few years, I agree but we need to start now. Otherwise, it will become too late. If you are somebody who would want to pitch into the project with your work or with finances, click on the link given below. We will get back to you shortly. The rest can read about it on

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Top 10 Best Home Workouts for Busy Women

Looking good is imperative of who you are as a person. But not all of us have the fortune of the Kardashian sisters where we get paid millions of dollars and are guided by a hundred experts to keep our bodies in tip top state. But no matter how fashionable you are with Chanel bags replica cheap, to stay healthy you must make time. Here we have for you 10, ten-minute routines.

1. Burpees

Burpees are the exercise that combines all the muscles in your body. It’s an all-in workout for your whole body. If you are into the classics and want to quickly finish without all the fuss, burpees are your fix.

2.  A Beginner’s mix

The best thing about this workout is you can modify to fix your fitness level. Do 10 repetitions of push-ups, planks, squats and jumping jacks and fill the rest of two minutes at rest. Repeat the set five times.

3.  Fat burner

A 30 second duration of each of these, squats, knee pushups, mountain climbers and V-ups followed by 30 seconds of rest.

4.  No sweat workout

Do each for 2 minutes with a thirty second rest between exercises: pushups, oblique crunches, plant with T-rotation and squats.

5. Two moves

Just alternate between pushups, squat jumps for thirty seconds with 30 seconds of rest between.

6. Cardio Boost

Fifteen seconds of each: Burpees, jumping squats, lunges, jump ropes and planks with 45 seconds of rest.

7. No equipment workout

Do ten repetitions of each, burpees, pushups, jumping squats and planks followed by rest in a two-minute section. Repeat five times.

8. Strength and conditioning

Do 8 repetitions of each: Squat jumps, thrusts, reverse lunges, bent over rows and triceps dips and rest for a minute.

9. Morning blast

1 minute of plank followed by 1 minute of squat.

10. Flash

Turn on the HIIT with 8 repetitions of squats, lunges, burpees followed by 30 seconds of rest.…

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Top Tips for Keeping your Muscles Healthy

Muscles perform the strongest physical activities of the body. So, it is essential to keep them healthy for your overall performance. Alternate to this, weak muscles can affect your wellbeing. Check out these tips for the functioning of your muscles.

  1. Proper workouts.

Before starting to perform any physical activity, do a light warming up activity. This includes a light jogging, an effortless weight lifting or so. This can really help you in training your muscles for more intense activities like heavy weight lifting with dumbbells, body weight exercises and other tight processes like a long run.

Remember to spend another few minutes on cooling down the body after exercising. This includes practicing slow activities that allow your muscles to relax and recover.

  1. Maintaining a proper diet.

The movomovo food that you feed on really matter and as it has a great impact on the strength of your muscles. Moreover, it aids in repairing and continuous functioning of the same. So, it is really vital to include the elements like vitamins and minerals along with a rich source of protein, carbohydrate and healthy fats in your foodstuff.

  • Proteins constitute the muscle structure. Hence, milk, meat, and other poultry products are unavoidable for a healthy muscle.
  • Fruits, whole grains, and vegetables are rich in carbohydrates that fuel your body to perform almost all the physical activities.
  • Walnuts, essentials oils, and cashews are rich in fat content that assist in muscle recovery.
  • A balanced diet always contains the needed multivitamins and minerals.

  1. Stay hydrated.

Each and every system of the body including the blood circulatory system, functioning of the kidney, food digestion and hormone production are all dependent on the water source available to the body. Additionally, it also supplies the required electrolytes to the body necessary for muscle building and functioning. An average person should drink at least a liter of water a day.

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15 Secrets for Eating Bread Without Getting Fat

#1 You have to know the flour used in it. It should not be a white or refined flour. Make sure it is wheat flour or a flour that contains more fiber.

#2 While making or purchasing the bread make sure it has no ingredients like hydrogenated oils, fructose or any sweeteners.

#3 Adding up peanut butter is a healthy choice every time you consume a sandwich as it adds up the protein and healthy fats too.

#4 You can go for turkey, salmon and have some avocado between it. This way you get healthy acids, fat, protein, and fiber.

#5 Make sure you bake the bread like the pudding that means you need to add up sugar, eggs, milk, and some fruits in the dough of the bread.

#6 Bruschetta is an Italian choice and it is always healthy as it mixes a blend of garlic, olive oil, salt, tomato, veggies, and beans.

#7 Make sure you are tracking what you are eating. You don’t have to cross the limit of carbs you should consume in a day. Keep an app always with you.

#8 Add nut butter and egg to make a sandwich full of protein and it will be satisfying too.

A good bread maker always mixes up the ingredients evenly and produce a fine dough and I got my mum a bread machine here.

#9 When you’re shopping from the supermarket, always look for the bread that is fermented. This means you consume healthy bacteria.

#10 Sprouts on your bread before you consume it with your favorite dipping.

#11 Other than wheat flour Bran, Barley, and Rye are always healthy to prepare the dough and make healthy things out of it. These are fiber-rich of course.

#12 If you can’t live without using fat then go for olive oil, coconut oil or ghee. Olive oil will be a healthier option.

#13 It doesn’t have to be bread all the time, you can be experimental with bread chips that taste awesome as baked chips.

#14 Always try to add up lots of veggies and beans in your sandwich.

#15 Deal smartly with Condiments and choose the healthy ones only.

20 Secrets for Eating Bread Without Getting Fat

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