5 Tips To Increase Lung Capacity And Become A Better Runner

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Lung capacity is essential for runners and one needs to increase it to be a better runner. Here is how you can increase your lung capacity, read more on ways to increase your lung capacity on https://www.emeraldgrowers.org/best-vapes/dry-herb-vaporizers/.

Go slow

If you get winded when you run then this means that the problems may not be with your technique in the way you breathe but in the conditioning. The body needs lots of oxygen when running and the more you run the more oxygen they will need.

So when you start to run it is important to go low. You should be able to talk without gasping. Once you achieve that you can increase the runs and the distance.

Run a long distance but slowly

This helps to boost the red blood cell count and it helps to grow more capillaries. This help to make the heart strong and this improves your lung capacity.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is a form of breathing that makes you use your entire capacity of lungs. The diaphragm is involved in breathing. This pulls down on the abdominal cavity and it helps to inflate the lungs.

The breathing exercises

Indulge in some breathing exercises. This helps to increase the strength of the respiratory muscles and this helps to build endurance. This helps to improve the functioning of the lungs. You can does this exercise at home or when you work or commute. This should be apart of your warm-up that helps to build your lung capacity and lets you run for long distances.

Breathe when running

Focus on getting more air when you run so that the oxygenated blood reaches the muscles. Open your mouth and breathe so it will help to draw more oxygen and also help to increase the capacity of lungs.