15 Secrets for Eating Bread Without Getting Fat

#1 You have to know the flour used in it. It should not be a white or refined flour. Make sure it is wheat flour or a flour that contains more fiber.

#2 While making or purchasing the bread make sure it has no ingredients like hydrogenated oils, fructose or any sweeteners.

#3 Adding up peanut butter is a healthy choice every time you consume a sandwich as it adds up the protein and healthy fats too.

#4 You can go for turkey, salmon and have some avocado between it. This way you get healthy acids, fat, protein, and fiber.

#5 Make sure you bake the bread like the pudding that means you need to add up sugar, eggs, milk, and some fruits in the dough of the bread.

#6 Bruschetta is an Italian choice and it is always healthy as it mixes a blend of garlic, olive oil, salt, tomato, veggies, and beans.

#7 Make sure you are tracking what you are eating. You don’t have to cross the limit of carbs you should consume in a day. Keep an app always with you.

#8 Add nut butter and egg to make a sandwich full of protein and it will be satisfying too.

A good bread maker always mixes up the ingredients evenly and produce a fine dough and I got my mum a bread machine here.

#9 When you’re shopping from the supermarket, always look for the bread that is fermented. This means you consume healthy bacteria.

#10 Sprouts on your bread before you consume it with your favorite dipping.

#11 Other than wheat flour Bran, Barley, and Rye are always healthy to prepare the dough and make healthy things out of it. These are fiber-rich of course.

#12 If you can’t live without using fat then go for olive oil, coconut oil or ghee. Olive oil will be a healthier option.

#13 It doesn’t have to be bread all the time, you can be experimental with bread chips that taste awesome as baked chips.

#14 Always try to add up lots of veggies and beans in your sandwich.

#15 Deal smartly with Condiments and choose the healthy ones only.

20 Secrets for Eating Bread Without Getting Fat


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