Dog Health & Wellness: 6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Pet Care
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dogs have their way of keeping themselves active at all times of the day. However, if they are made to stay indoors and get used to a sedentary lifestyle, it can do more harm to them than you can imagine.

Here are 6 simple ways to ensure your dog is healthy and happy at all times:

  1. Activity

Engage your dog in some activity on a daily basis. This can be running in the morning or night after you get back from work, a walk in the park or beach, etc. when they have something to physically exert themselves every day, they are kept active and healthy.

  1. Play

Play with your dog even if it not a happy puppy anymore. Just because he is a little older, does not mean he loses interest in play like humans. Keep playing catch or ball with him and he will be a happy mutt always.

  1. Bathe

Give him a batch regularly. If once a week is your routine, stick to it. This will ensure he does not get infected or have any ticks that can harm his health to a great extent.

  1. Take Him Out

Take your dog out regularly. Apart from his daily rounds to relieve himself, ensure you take him to some open space (if you don’t have enough at home) to play and run around. dogs love to chase birds and bark at random things.

  1. Diet

Give your dog a well-balanced diet. Yes, dogs can eat leftovers and a lot of our food. But they are not made to digest our foods at all times. Their dietary needs are different and unless they are met, they cannot be healthy and active.

  1. Sleep

Ensure your dog gets good comfortable sleep. Get them the best dog beds for medium dogs if your dog is of medium size. When they sleep better, they are healthier.