The Heterosexual HIV Risk Is No Urban Legend

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If you thought that HIV is not connected with multiple partners and unsafe sex, think again!

A recent survey indicates that men and women from the urban areas but in the slightly lower rung of the society were extremely prone to the infection keeping in mind that in spite of the best intention they sometimes did get carried away with having unsafe sex.

I have come across stories from semi-educated societies where men and women in that race believe that wearing condoms or practicing contraception decreases the pleasures of full-fledged sexual activities. They were allegedly talked to about the dangers lurking on them if they took to casual sex with workers who provided it with money or as a pleasure but the effect of the talk was lost on them. How unfortunate!

A friend of mine who was also at the university with me tells me of a man and a woman who believed that the contraceptives and the works do not have any great benefits. In fact, sexual pleasure is what needs to be experienced instinctively and without hindrances in the mind about wearing a condom! This put me off so much that I decided to work in this field for my graduation project. And I realized that however strong the society is theoretically but a large pocket of people in them still have a closed mind about sexual practices.

This brings me to my main contention of educating them:

As such, education is only believed to refine. It will take a few years, I agree but we need to start now. Otherwise, it will become too late. If you are somebody who would want to pitch into the project with your work or with finances, click on the link given below. We will get back to you shortly. The rest can read about it on