The Incredible Ways Sex Boosts Your Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sex is fun, we all know that. It will also help in bonding relationships with your partner and thus will help in leading a perfect well-shaped lifestyle. But there’s more to sex than just fun and relationships – sex actually makes you healthy. The more sex you have, the more healthy you’ll be, as sex has ways to slow down the process of ageing, helps to heal wounds and also fight diseases. Let’s look at some of the biggest ways by which sex can improve our health.

Advantages Of Having Sex


  • Sex Will Help In Building Your Immunity


As strange it might sound, sex actually helps in making your body more resistant towards various diseases, like stomach problems, cold or even flu. During sex, the aerobic exercise which is done pumps blood and oxygen all throughout the body and help in the manufacture of various antibodies like T3 and T4 lymphocytes, that help in fighting diseases.

  • Sex Makes You Do Exercise


100 to 250 calories are burnt when you do sex for an hour, and if sex is done twice per week, it will help in burning almost 5,000 calories a year. That is huge and more exciting than going to a gym.

  • Sex Keeps Your Heart Healthy


During sex, the heart starts to beat around 130 beats a minute. That is exactly same as walking fast or jogging slowly. If a person can have sex for about 20 minutes for three times a week, that will help in reducing coronary heart disease by almost 50 per cent. Not only that, there will also be lower risks of bowel cancer or cancer in the ovary.

  • Sex Will Decrease Body Pain And Headaches


When you do sex, the body releases oxytocin, which let endorphins release as well, acting as a powerful analgesics and also improving the pain threshold. It will ease depression, anxiety and even headaches as well.

  • Sex Will Improve The Pelvic Muscles


When doing sex your pelvic muscles around your penis or vagina works the most. Sex is like an exercise for those muscles, thus making pelvic muscles much stronger. If you want your pelvic muscles to act more, I would recommend this penis extender from Size Genetics USA, for better satisfaction and results.