What Your Acne Reveal About Your Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Many times, we treat Acne with simple spot treatments, thinking to be a permanent solution, until it pops up again, the main cause of acne is something to do with the internal health of a person. The health issues need to be addressed so that the inflammation subsides and the immune system is back on track.

Our face is the mirror to the world, the identity we have, the beauty and expressions we are born with, is not only the superficial outer beauty, the inner health to is reflected in the face reading, so as the reviews on holistic board. The ancient art of face reading is a combination of Ayurveda and Chinese medicines, the dermatological presentation of the face is translated from the inner issues beneath the skin under the face that could be inflamed due to issues from other parts of the body.

The inflammation is most prominent in form of Acne, dry skin, skin discoloration, and rashes,

  • acne in the forehead is due to lifestyle changes and binging on junk food, unhealthy eating habits, this can be prevented by immediately changing the food habits with a lot of greens intake, plenty of water, washing head gears, hair after workouts as sweat glands secrete oil
  • small pimples under the eye are common are associated with clogged pores and exposure to sun, pollution can be taken care by avoiding dehydration, drinking too much water may also reduce the sodium levels
  • Cheeks are the most exposed area and acne here is painful and depressing, oily makeup, skin creams that have too much of chemicals affect the cheeks and immediately develop acne
  • using water-based makeup and only use it when essential is important as skin should be able to breathe, coating them with oily makeup will not let the pores to open and get clogged up.